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New Year, New You?

Whether it's a the start of a new year or just time for a new exercise habit, welcome new & returning runners.

As our next Couch 2 5K programme gets underway this weekend, here are some tips for those new to running.

What gear do you need?

  • Comfortable running shoes... there are many different styles and opinions on shoes but probably most important is that they fit well & are comfortable for you

  • do deal with changeable Scottish weather, layer your clothing so you can adjust during the run. A base layer of a moisture wicking fabric, possibly a thin mid layer & a light jacket that is at least shower or windproof or waterproof. It wants to be close fitting so that there is not too much flapping about. Pockets can be handy.

  • Tights or shorts...very much personal preference. Again go with what you feel comfortable wearing, but do think about possible chafing!

  • Hats/neck warmers/gloves...all worth considering even if you need them just to start with (again pockets are handy)

  • Fuel/water...for runs of less than an hour you should not need to have food or drink during the run, but consider a drink for after your run, especially if you need to replace fluid lost due to sweating.

Over the next 12 weeks look out on our website & fb page for more information for new runners.

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