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Summer newsletter

As I write this today, the rain is drizzling so Inkniw it's not quite summer but it is time to look forward to summer events. We have just held our annual Spring race which was a great success again. Well done to our Ron on his race.

Also well done to Bert McCrorie on a fantastic London Marathon. Completing it in 3hr 12min is a real achievement to be proud of.

Recently Sylvia & Pamela did well in the always fun, steep & muddy Kaim Hill race, and Carol & Joy travelled to compete in the first of the Run Mhor Trilogy, Hidden Glen 10k, another super hilly race!

Coming up there are lots of local 10ks starting with Troon on Wednesday 3rd May. A list of links to races will be posted in our race section.

Signing up for a race is great motivation to keep up with training.

We also recently had 4 new Couch to 5K runners complete the 12 week program & 2 of them took part in our race so well done to them 👏

If anyone would like any other races or other items to be posted, please just message or email,

Keep on Ronning!


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