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Once you have decided to start a healthy habit, how do make you make it stick? How does running become something that is just part of your lifestyle? How do you feel you can say I am a runner?

Well here are a few ideas:

Join a running club or find a running friend

Committing to meeting others is a great way to making your run a regular thing. You won't want to let others down by not turning up.

Lay out your running gear

If you are going out in the morning, be organised and have your kit ready to put on. Once you are dressed for running you are more likely to go out.

Put it in your diary

Prioritise your running time. Make it an appointment that you need to keep, see your health and fitness as a priority

Just take the first step

Tell yourself that you can just do a short run, 5 mins and then see how you feel, you may well find yourself going further.

Sign up to an event

Give yourself a goal to train towards. A specific event rather than a vague goal of just getting fitter will give you a focus for your training.

Why not sign up to Ron's Runners Spring 5K this April. You can secure your place now!

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