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Weekly report

It was another busy week last week for members of Ron’s Runners, as a large contingent made their way to Troon for the Troon Tortoises annual 10K Road Race.

Some notable times and personal bests were achieved with James Chalmers leading the way in a time of 37.34, (PB), Matthew Watson 38.48 (PB), Andrew Stewart 44.51, John Owens 46.27, next came Fiona Wyper (First Lady home) in 47.23, David Ridout 49.29 (PB and winner of +70 age group), Pamela Porteous 50.25, Hughie Hood 53.43, Robert Wylie 54.44, Mandy Mackintosh 56.36, Hazel Anderson 56.48, David Shearer 57.05, Paul McCallum 59.38, Carol Rome 1.00.24, Amanda Lindsay 1.01.07, Margaret Craig 1.03.35, Rachel Cox 1.06.10, Arlene Wallace 1.06.43, Mary Huggan1.09.35, Patricia McMullen 1.11.15, William Goggans1.13.17, Lynne Woods 1.18.57, Michelle Burns 1.18.57, Lesley Whitelaw 1.19.11.

Thinking of taking up running?

Ron’s Runners is starting a Couch to 5K programme on 7th June, meeting at Eglinton Park every Tuesday at 6pm. This is a twelve-week programme which is designed to take you from being a novice runner to having the ability to run continuously for over three miles. There will be fully qualified Scottish Athletics Coaches and Jog Leaders available to help you to achieve your objectives. Running with company is much easier and more enjoyable than trying to do it on your own, so get in touch with us and see how fit you can get in just a few weeks.

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